Blunted Monkz

Various Artists '4tracker'
Faces Dig03

Blunted Monkz are Danilo Plessow (also known as Inverse Cinematics) and Danny Sugaman, both long time friends and healing from the German "Motor City" Stuttgart.
They share passion for jazz, beats, good beer & sptzle, among girls and illicit substances...(STOP;)
Of course, when they spend times together, they also like to do music and here's the result! This little 4tracker is giving you just an idea of various skillz and musical directions they will go under this moniker.
Next, is a 12 tracks mini-album featuring such rappers as Jonwayne & Gajah (Los Angeles) & SelphConscious. Out in February 2011 on Faces Digital.

Track List:

• 1. Champs - Can Show You The Way (Blunted Monkz remix) - play
• 2. Blunted Monkz - Beyond The Stars - play
• 3. Vicky Flint & Blunted Monkz - Jump Back - play
• 4. Blunted Monkz - Louis - play

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