Be the One / Hiraki
Faces 1202

After seminal “Sci-Fi Sessions” a double side EP, which has doubtless done
some proper furore last year, L’Aroye is back with another broken-jazz-abstract-boogie 12”
on f-a-c-e-s records, which continues to cement its reputation in the underground sound as unique, selective and somewhat detached from any trends, past, present or future.
This 4 tracker consisted EP, is definitely music for people with the party spirit, who prefer
good music as opposed the noodle.

text side kicks off with :

_Be the One. Thomas Arroyo (L’Aroye) with the help of Romain Caillard on keys
and Humphrey Milondo’s soulful vocal is a perfect balance between being catchy and deep, spreads the love & good vibe among all tasty ingredients.
_Shango is a meet combination of warm riffs, organic keys and twisted electronics, spiced up with raw flips.

visual side holds :

_2 Hiraki’s. First piece has the off-kilter beats and percussions, which are complimented by slowly sliding along heavily abstract acid-feel & Hiraki’s rhodes.
Just when u think it’s getting too much, the understated chords comes sabotaging the syrup.
_Whilst keeping the soul and spirit of the original, DITD (Dolphins in the Desert) steps up on remix duties by adding the right beats and pieces to transform this into one
serious dancefloor tool. DITD (aka Danilo Plessow from Inverse Cinematics) is currently one of the most interesting and down right talented combos of electronic jazz and broken
beat doings. The tight as teeth original gets speeded up & excelled by an extra portion of chord strings, rumbling verbal, Swen Seyerlan’s keys, odd sequencing and electronic tricks that produces plenty of saliva for the first forthcoming Inverse Cinematics “the Vogelhaufen EP”, anticipated to be released in autumn, this year.

Track List:

• 1. Be The One - play
• 2. Shango - play
• 3. Hiraki - play
• 4. Hiraki (DITD - Inverse Cinematics Remix) - play

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