Kira Neris

A Frozen Second Remixes
Faces Dig05

Faces Records is proud to present the remix project of Kira Neris's second album ' A Frozen Second', which features an interesting lineup of both established and up and coming producers.

Starting in Russia,Vakula is a name that needs no introduction, while OL and Latecomer are names to watch out for. Johnwaynes from Portugal does what he does best, while the South East Asian connection continues, with the Singaporean CosaNostra outfit (Funk Bast*rd & Kaye) giving their own little twist.

Last but not least, Strasbourg producer Steven J aka Wobblejay goes chunky with his remix, showing the depth of quality that exists within the city.
Expect different moods, from Deep House to Instrumental Beats. Essential!

Track List:

• 0. 01. Sky Talks (Vakula remix) - play
• 0. 02. Long Live the Queen (Latecomer remix) - play
• 4. Sky Talks (OL remix) - play
• 5. Judy In June (Cosa Nostras Shuffle remix) - play
• 1. Sky Talks (Vakula remix) - play
• 2. Long Live The Queen (Latecomer remix) - play
• 3. Together feat Cecilia Stalin (Steven Wobblejay remix) - play
• 6. Growing Up (Johnwaynes remix) - play

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